You Laid Off and Need a Job: No Time to Mope. It’s Time to Get Up

After multiple years of servitude to your firm, you are called into the executive office and sit down. Are they going to offer a promotion? A raise? No.. it’s an indefinite vacation with just a few weeks pay!

Um, Yay?

You’ve been laid off, let go, downsized, axed, fired, canned, booted, cut back, thrown out, and kicked out. You sit there listening to their sales pitch on how great it was to have you with them and they thank you for making them tons of money during your time there. They tell you how you have a bright future and any firm should consider it an honor to have you. They say they won’t fight any unemployment and will give you fabulous references.

These people are good! They almost make you feel warm and fuzzy about your blunt cessation of income. You end up thanking THEM for the years there, shake their hands, go back to your desk, gather the pictures of your friends and family that you’ve ignored for the last several years to contribute to the firm, say goodbye to your colleagues as they give you the “pity look” combined with the “hope I’m not next” look, and head to your car.

You start driving home and it hits you… those &)&^*$%^&(((&!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After all I have done for them, they are laying me off? You start feeling angry.

When you get home, there is an electric bill in the mailbox – just in time to remind you that you have no income coming in and plummet you into the beginning of a depression.

A few days of watching A&E and The History Channel (you never knew there were so many shows on selling old junk), you start asking questions, “Why wasn’t it <fill in name of any ex-colleague here>? They didn’t do anything. They stole my ideas, were late every day, and refused to work the day after Thanksgiving”.

Reality is… you will probably never know. Maybe that person was paid less, friends with a top client, or maybe your boss just didn’t like you as much? Who really cares? It’s considered a layoff so go with that. No sense getting ruffled over it.

Start looking for a position. Go to websites, work with recruiters in your industry, and wake up every morning like you were going to work. Shower, get dressed, and brush and listerine your teeth so you feel great and your voice is maaaaaaaaaaaaaaarvelous.  

Why? Employers are at work at 8:00 (you remember those days right?) so some will call you at 8:00. You don’t want to miss a call. Or worse, you answer as you roll out of bed and try to sound like you’ve been up for hours. It won’t work. You are going to be off your “A-Game” and could blow your first impression with the employer.

Yea, it isn’t fun. Looking for a job is a full time job itself. But, with a little effort you can use this opportunity to find your dream career.

Happy Hunting!!


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