The Gentle Close of the Interview

It’s the end of the interview. You have asked your questions, made a great impression (or you hope you did!), and are very interested in the job. What do you do next?

Close Them (Gently).

An interview is basically an opportunity to make a sale. The sale is you (or at least your services for a mutually agreed upon yearly salary).  Unless you are interviewing for an aggressive sales position, close the interview gently.

Why a Close?

So many people leave interviews and then question themselves, “what is next?” They have no idea because they didn’t ask. So, ask. But, be cool and genuine. Use words that you would use in your everyday professional speech. Don’t sound like a robot or get too nervous doing it where you sound like a cracked up kangaroo. Practice it before the interview and close the sale.

 Okay, So How?

At the end of the interview, thank those that conducted the meeting for taking time out of their day to visit with you about this great opportunity. Be gratious. They will probably need to work late tonight for the time spent with you.  Let them know how much you enjoyed the discussion and that would consider it an honor to work with them.  

Then, without being too eager or abrasive, ask them what the next step is so you can start preparing. Should you start pulling together past performance numbers? A reference list? Maybe keep a certain day open to meet with another decision maker? Again, be gentle. We want to put the idea of moving forward with you in the employer’s minds without “pushing” them to it.

Shake their hands, maintain genuine eye contact, and again let them know you are interested in the position.

And then leave and allow them to talk about you (Yip! Interviews are the only time you actually want to give a group of people the opportunity to talk about you!).

Happy Hunting!

Bridget “The Job Shark”

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