Keep Networking and Start Hunting

Social and Professional Networking is such a buzz lately and it buzzes me! Yes, you need to do it. Yes, you need to keep up your contacts, grow a pipeline of opportunities for the future, and possibly even establish new clients. But, it isn’t the only thing you need to do. Don’t forget the hunt to find the opportunities available for you now.

Spend your day 30% networking and 70% hunting. If you read my my article on Using Linkedin to be Found by Employers , you should have your linkedin profile set to public and let your internet networking run somewhat by itself.

Now you need to find the OPEN jobs. The ones with firms hiring NOW. Not the ones possibly seeking someone in a year and if they do, they would love to talk to you. Unless you want to spend a year sitting around waiting, shooting the breeze networking, you need to find the firms that are urgent to hire. Scour the job boards, use, find recruiters that specialize in your expertise (find the aggressive ones, not the ones counting down their days until they quit), and even make 30-second marketing calls to open some new doors. 

How do I find internet posted positions? (job boards)

How do I find recruiters in my industry?

1. Google <industry name> recruiter.  

2. Many open positions are listed by recruiters. If a recruiter has an open position in your industry, they most likely specialize in it. Review their website to be sure.

3. Use the search button on linkedin to find recruiters in your industry. Recruiters love to be found so they will be easy to find and contact.

4. Ask employers in your field who they recommend. If you are networking and someone doesn’t have a job open, ask if they know any recruiters.

What is a Marketing Call on Myself?

Basically, call firms that you are intersted in working for – ask to speak to the manager of a specific department or the HR Director. Find out their name if you can via an internet search or linkedin. If you call and just ask to speak to the HR Representative. You’ll get sent straight to voice mail.

If you get voice mail, just leave a message with your name, years of experience, and that you would love to speak to them about any open positions in (whatever position you are seeking). Be brief and to the point. A long, rambling message is a sure fire way to get deleted right off the bat and ruin your chances of a return call. Also, dont’ forget to leave your phone number at the end.

If you get a live person, do the same as with a message but leave pauses for conversations and questions.

This should do it for now!

Happy Hunting!

Bridget “The Job Shark”

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