Job of the Day: Beekeeper

Bees are in the news this week with many species dying due to colony collapse disorder. Soooo, that opens up opportunities for new careers in beekeeping. If you aren’t allergic, afraid, or easily bullied by yellow buzzing swarms, this could be the start of a new career. Beginning salaries are on the lower side at $9.10/hour but it beats selling tee shirts to tweens, right?

The Louisiana Workforce Commission in Breaux Bridge, LA is seeking 5 beekeepers from 03/01/2011- 12/20/2011.  Per the posting, “A beekeeper must interact and work with bees at all stages of the life cycle (egg, pupae, larvae and full grown workers, drones, and queens).  A beekeeper must be able to provide the duties throughtout the year.  A beekeeper must be able to identify and give appropriate attention at the different stages of the lift cycle.  A Beekeeper must treat bees for various diseased and pests which include but are not limited American Foul Brood, Tracheal Mites, Florida Beetles, Fire Ants and most importantly Varroa Mites.  This is an ongoing process that must be continued throughout the entire  year.  Beekeepers must feed bees corn syrup and/or other forms of glucose as needed and weather dictates. ” Link to the job posting is here:

If you are more of the entrapraneurial type, you can always start your own beekeeping side business. It’s apparently easy to do per They have an article on starting your own:

I know nothing of beekeeping but thought it could serve as good inspiration to someone out there.

Don’t sting the messenger.

Bridget “The Job Shark”

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