Get Your Darn Picture Off Your Resume – No Matter How Good Looking You Think You Are

This week, I received a resume for a high level position within my staffing service. The resume was pretty well-written and concise. But, my excitement was quickly deflated as I noticed the applicant had included a photo of himself on the top right hand corner.

I don’t care how good looking or professional you think you are, get it off. Having a picture on a resume states either a) your cocky/conceited and think that your $%# doesn’t stink or b) unclear on the current trends of resumes. Either reason won’t win you any points (sorry dudes and dudettes).

If you want the employer to know how fabulous you look (and I know some people do- especially those in sales), create a linkedin profile with your picture and include your linkedin profile web address at the top of your resume as the last line in your contact information.  So:

Name Name

Address, City State Zip

Phone, Email

Linkedin Website Address (http://…..)

Most employers will review your link and you will be able to show off your total “awesomeness”. 

If you do feel you need some direction on your resume, hire a professional. Find the right one that will work with your personality. I am a professional resume writer but I am not the best fit for everyone. I am funny, fast-paced, to the point, and a bit sarcastic. There are people who I feel would work better with another resume writer that is more nuturing and I refer them accordingly. So, find the right one for you. It will take a good resume writer a few days to get your draft done. They should be willing to make changes and additions (usually when I send a client the rough draft it “jogs” their memory to more accomplishments). The person you hire should incorporate both your accomplishments and responsibilities on your resume: the accomplishments will set you apart from your competition and your responsibilitis will ensure your “key words” are in there.

Also, a good professional resume writer will not put your picture on your resume!

Happy Hunting!

Bridget “The Job Shark”

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