Acceptable I9 Documents: Before You Get Hired – Get Your Documents Together

Your ready to get hired, right? Don’t forget to find your documents so you are ready to go when the offer comes. It always makes me laugh when someone needs to delay a start date for a day to find everything or go to the drivers license office since they have nothing from list A or B, or go to the social security office … or to the…. office…  you get the idea.

Also, what a crap way to spend one of your last days of freedom!! Get it done now. Find your documents.. You have plenty to choose from. You just need to establish your identity and eligibility to work. So,  you need either one document from list ‘A’ OR one document from list ‘B’ AND ‘C’. Here are a list of acceptable documents in picture form (because who doesn’t like pictures?).

Happy (Document) Hunting!


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