Your Email Summary (30 Second Commercial)

When you send out a resume via email, you have the opportunity to “sell yourself” in a few sentences by emphasizing your key accomplishments and experience as it relates to the job posting. This is your Email Summary.

What is an Email Summary?
An email summary is simply a small paragraph about your accomplishments as they relate to the job in the body of the email. It is a “snapshot” of you and will hopefully persuade the hiring manager to open your resume.

Why is it Important?
When you are sending your resume to an employer’s email address, it will help determine whether or not the Hiring Manager even opens your resume. Also, it gives valuable information about you, your experience, and contact information in case there is a problem, and the hiring manager is not able to open your resume.

 Writing Email Summaries

  • Keep it short and related to the position in which you are applying.
  • Keep It Real – Don’t try to sound overly professional. Remember,               
    employers are real people – hiring real people.
  • List previous job accomplishments that would benefit the position in
    which you are applying.
  • List job duties you have done that are on the job description.
  • Close the Sale! Let them know when you are available to interview and how they
    can reach you.


Attached is my resume for your ocean export coordinator position.  I have 8 years experience in Ocean Export: 6 on the shipping side with Maersk and 2 on the Freight Forwarding Side with <company name> where I handled the fast paced, high volume <client> account. I have completed Hazmat Certification in both ocean and air . My ocean export experience includes securing bookings, ensuring space on vessels, and completing all required export documentation including bills of lading. Finally, I have exported shipments to the Asia Pacific, Latin America, Russia, Turkey, Middle East, Europe, and South America. I am available to interview anytime with simply a few days notice and can be reached at (XXX) XXX-XXXX.


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