Use Your LinkedIn Summary to Be Found by Employers and Clients

TRUTH: There are many open positions are not actively published.

Employers and Recruiters don’t publish every open position. Many tend to proactively recruit using referrals and linkedin. Linkedin is a fabulous resource for you to be found by others. So, if you are going to use it, quit hiding on it!! Make your information accessable.

If you notice on the right upperhand corner of your home linkedin page, there is a “People Search” and “Advanced People Search”. It is very easy to search people with specific keywords in their profile. Recruiters use this feature to find experienced candidates for their positions. Why? It’s free and they can see what you have done before contacting you.

So, how do you ensure you will get contacted for open positions in which you qualify?

Keep your profile open and add your experience too it. But, the most important thing is for you to include your contact information in your summary. They have to be able to reach you right? There have been many times where I have recruited on a high salaried, confidential position and found several candidates on linkedin. I always call the ones that have contact information first. If they a 2nd or 3rd connection and I have to research their  last name, office number, or email address, they go to the bottom of the list. I rarely pay to send inmails linkedin. Most of the time I am able to fill the position from people at the top of my list so the people I need to research are never even contacted about a position and they missed out on a great opportunity.

“But, I’m scared to put my email or phone in my summary”

My contact information is in my summary (which I change to also reflect my open positions) and I have never had a problem. If you are the cautious type (I am not), you can format your email as name (at) domain (dot) com. This keeps spiders from recognizing an email address (but live people can figure it out) . Example my email is I would format that as bridgetbatson (at) houstonoutplacement (dot) com in my summary.

Bottom line is that people will find the easiest route to reach their destination. Make the process of contacting you to give you business or offer you a position an easy route.

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