Super Cool Stealth Words

You’ve written your resume. It is the appropriate length, moves the eye to the key accomplishments you want to emphasize, is proofed, and ready to go. But, you realize there are some additional keywords you would like┬áto implement to guarantee it picked up by keyword resume scanning software programs. There might be a few phrases or even different tenses of words on the job description that are not on your resume.

How do you add those words to your resume without a) rewriting the entire thing or b) turning your resume into a garbled mess?

Simple: Stealth Words

Stealth words are words placed at the end of your resume in white. They are invisible to the human eye but picked up by most┬ácomputer scanning software ensuring your resume “makes the cut” to be read by an actual person. Just simply type them at the end of your resume without going to a new page, change the font to white, and it is done.

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